The Unhappy Ape

A man holding a razor.
A man on a chair smoking.
A man shitting.
All quite indifferent
to one another’s
presence or plight.

As you walk through
room after room
it becomes clear
that only grimaces remain,
that the worst
has happened,
that you can live
with the worst.

A man sits naked
with torn newspaper
around his feet.
A man reclines in a vest
on a stained red couch.
The bandages and the screams
are already in place.

I’ve always hoped
in a sense to be able
to paint the mouth
like Monet painted a sunset.
Man is an unhappy ape.
But if he knows it, he isn’t.

Howie Good, 2014

Remixed work:
Francis Bacon and Walt Disney by John Berger