the tremendous dream

winter the reaper
and the emperor’s thin
wings to replace words

withered language
the human tongue is blind

i set the clouds on fire
of autumn

George McKim, 2016

Remixed works:
Well of the Imperial Concubine Zhen, by Zou Jingzhi
The Wheat Reaper, by Zou Jingzhi
Die in a Sitting Position, by Zou Jingzhi
Words and Objects, by Mo Fei
Fixed in Place, by Mo Fei
This is not the Last, by Mo Fei
Betraying Fingers, by Mo Mo
Sold Out, by Mo Mo
Definition: Me, by Mo Mo
Gluttonous and Hungry, by Mo Mo
Mayfly’s Journal, by Liu Manliu
Autograph Book, by Liu Manliu
The Tuberculosis of the Epoch, by Liu Manliu