[Yes, Miss Snake]

Yes, Miss Snake.
I was eaten by God.
You just hate it.
There is no ‘me’.
Do as you’re told.
That’s big game.
The doors closed.
Go bite a pillow.
I was a tickle top.
To better myself.
It would be easy.
The brave words.
My humor is my own.
It’s an illusion.
And now you know.
The jungle wins.
What a surprise.
You were my life.
It’s not too late.
Stop resisting.
I want to be seen.
It’s there all the time, driving me out to wander the streets, following me,
silently, but I can feel it there.
Save it sunshine.
I’ve seen enough.

John Lowther, 2016

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Remixed works:
“Yes, Miss Snake.”, by Mr. I-Don’t Smile, on Wattpad
“Go bite a pillow.”, by IMUS in the Morning
“I was a tickle top.”, John Water’s A Dirty Shame, Tony the Tickler (Michael Willis)
“It’s there all the time…”, Fritz Lang’s M, Hans Beckert (Peter Lorre)