[Single Everywhere]

Single everywhere.
Digest that statement for a second.
Even my oceanic fucks are not given.
The information passed in a cultural fashion accumulates in the form of knowledge and tradition, but the stress of this definition is on the mode of transmission of the information, rather than its result.
No one is ever really quite sure what to make of you, which manifests throughout each day as a multitude of polite, awkward smiles from strangers.
Was that inappropriate.

Fine feathers make fine birds.
It’s not rocket surgery.
I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me.

John Lowther, 2016

Algorithmic approach:
Text Analytics

Remixed works:
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“The information passed…”, by John Tyler Bonner, Margaret La Farge, in The Evolution of Culture in Animals
“No one is ever…”, by Bi-Gender Idealism blog, in Thanks David
“I only want sympathy…”, by Fall Out Boy