Chirping Bird Soundtrack (Remastered)

Time is totally nuts, paper in the wind,
yet none of which soar, so it seems
like nothing is happening. But, of course,
I’m physically older. That’s the point!
What happened was that rather than wilting
over a period of time, the roses exploded
at a certain point, releasing birds and chirping
and slowly dissolving into frightened dust.

Howie Good, 2016

Remixed Works:
Hyperallergic 1
Hyperallergic 2

Why Working on Yourself Won’t Work

You want to find
that one thing
that defines you,
the ball floating
in the air, but it’s
not like that.

you only need
a couple things,
and other times
you need one hundred.

You might think
you are awful
when you finish,
an empty interior,
the Black Dragon.

There are tons
of philosophers
and thinkers
who have some
sophisticated answer
about why.

I don’t think
it should matter,
one way
or the other

I’m looking
at what they are
looking at.

It was a room
I spent time in
as a child.

Howie Good, 2016

Remixed Work:

Donald Trump Won’t Leave Us Alone

I like to walk around with a friend and a granola bar.
Today I was punched in the face by a man
who got out of his car and yelled, “Trump 2016!”
Four small pink alligators are still missing.
Theoretically, I love the fact that cities
from all over the world are under one roof.
Point your camera at the world around you.
I just want to sit and play guitar to my goldfish.

Howie Good, 2016

Remixed Works:
Hyperallergic 1
Hyperallergic 2