Snake in a Dream

There was a guillotine in the basement. It felt suspicious. So I started cutting out images from the newspaper and transferring them onto the surface of prison-issued soaps. And then I tried to figure out a way to do that onto the prison sheets. The residue that accumulated on the floor and walls took on a life of its own. Every inch of space was utilized to the fullest. Someone asked me how I navigate the space. I said I jump. But what do we do now that the window provides enough natural light to keep the snake alive?

Howie Good, 2019

Remixed works:

A View from the Easel, by Deena ElGenaidi
Formerly Incarcerated Artists Visualize Healing, by Jasmine Weber

Found Poem Instructions

What you do is
take a piece of text,
and you ignore
the grammar,
ignore the word order,

you just regard it
as a bag of words,
and once you’ve done that,
the different words
in the bag can be mixed

with red diamonds,
and surrounded
by sirens and lights
or the afternoon winds
off the Pacific.

Howie Good, 2018

Remixed works:

Falsehood and Justice, by Henry Chapman
A Songwriting Mystery Solved: Math Proves John Lennon Wrote ‘In My Life’, by Scott Simon and Ned Wharton
A View from the Easel, by Deena ElGenaidi