[‘Tearful sludge’ (…)]

‘Tearful sludge’ has been looked up 325 times, added to 2 lists, and is not a valid
Scrabble word.
There appear to be people that are totally uninvolved in what the rest of us
usually think of sex.
Sydney Greenstreet played the psychiatrist who figured it out.
The ultimate acting is to destroy yourself.
No, I was not born with a monocle in my eye.
Such cases will be fairly common.
Topic A is abandoned.
Destroy the paper safely when you have exhausted your emotion in the writing.
Conduct due diligence.
Fat lot of good that does.

from 555 by John Lowther, 2014

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Remixed works:
“‘Tearful sludge’ …”, from a Google search
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“The ultimate acting is to destroy yourself”, from a quote by Klaus Kinski
“No, I was not born with a monocle in my eye”, from a quote by Conrad Veidt
“Such cases will be fairly common”, from Fallacies by Nizkor
“Topic A is abandoned”, from Fallacies by ALF
“Destroy the paper safely”, from Pain Support
“Fat lot of good that does”, from The Secret Conversations by Peter Evans and Ava Gardner