that one with the quartelbarries
he’s an archist, a rustleman
he four fat stiners shawly
gives a great shine
aye, he’s the right one for the headly bearders
that wet wipe
greatrags and fat gripes
unwipening on green fingers
snotty hands
says he’s a man of the eyes and soul
nay’s a man to the window water
house, boys and pints
a manchical is he
parcan and bangread
boisterous eaps and laugh capquested
bested by a waiting
a waiting up a professacka stirtion
pissed and coybegat
beer bested he was
that solate time
remaintearding into the night
when a will spronged him
a nightly dark with a cutch and scair
stole his stick
and a wobble of his wauntain soul
until he lay there dispaping
and the moon black house
his half moans lorged

we bounced our heels
while the ambulance screaked
and the quartelbarry squeaked

The Combed Thunderclap, 2016

Algorithmic approach:
Machine Learning

Language model:
Ulysses, by James Joyce