Letters stand in utter defiance to spelling-book rules

Florence Foucault

The lost chatter of men, the
exteriority of written &
figurative elements—very
few persons write a good
letter. In this split & drifting

space, strange bonds are knit.
Two garrulous mutes use
elegant language, yet use it
easily. A word can take the
place of an object if the paren-

thesis is avoided. Neatness is
important. The measure of
the “iron horse” is how many
missives it drags behind. No
mass, no name, form without

volume.  Word & object are
deployed in two different
dimensions. Emptiness undoes
the space. Verbal lightning
flashes come naturally to a child.

Mark Young, 2015

Remixed works:
This Is Not a Pipe,
by Michel Foucault
The Ladies’ Book of Etiquette,
by Florence Hartley