Having mislaid it, and then
found again in a changed mind,
stones are like deaths.

(The distant boom of quiet change.)

Only, we are inert spaces
brushed by the half-rhymes of activities
meshed in a world
quicksilvering into water –

threading the event with sight
till meaning rises like a tide through it.

Shloka Shankar, 2016

Remixed works:

Poems by Charles Tomlinson:
A Rose for Janet, Before the Concert, Hill Walk,
In Defence of Metaphysics, The Way of a World,
Against Travel, and All Afternoon


I stood isolated,
u     n     r     e     e     l     i     n     g
in the summer of your love;

lost my will and reason,
tongue stuck in my jaw –
a mind with all its lights
put out. I have lived

like a foot, standing
and fallen. Vaguely,

life leaks away in my arms.
I hold your crooked heart,
lifeless in appearance, only
half-meaning to awaken.

Shloka Shankar, 2015

Remixed works:
The Old Playhouse, by Kamala Das
Daddy, by Sylvia Plath
Spring and All, by William Carlos Williams
Conversation, by Elizabeth Bishop
A Noiseless Patient Spider, by Walt Whitman
As I Walked Out One Evening, by W. H. Auden


the electric heat
of empty silence
in worn-out

and dead secrets

w   h   i   r   l   e   d
in a vortex;

a pattern in my
fear of fear.

Shloka Shankar, 2015

Remixed work:
East Coker, from Four Quartets by T.S. Eliot