[Nudity is our weapon]

Nudity is our weapon.
But words — words are not enough.
I pissed on the man who called me a dog.
There’s a knack to getting what you want.
Rest in between.
Punch when you have to punch.
Until the nineteenth century ‘normal’ was primarily a geometrical term.
I rarely believe anything, because at the time of believing I am not really there to
Yep, a fetish for invisible people or invisible clothes, or invisible body parts or
some variation.
Do not hesitate to repeat yourself when you consider the point very important.

from 555 by John Lowther, 2014

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Remixed works:
“Nudity is our weapon”, by Inna Shevchenko, FEMEN
“But words — words are not enough”, from a quote by Klaus Kinski
“I pissed on the man who called me a dog”, from a quote by Diogenes of Sinope
“There’s a knack to getting what you want”, from Pain Support
“Punch when you have to punch”, from a quote by Bruce Lee
The Trouble with Nature: Sex in Science and Popular Culture, by Roger N. Lancaster
Everybody’s Autobiography, by Gertrude Stein
Forum post by AltZilla