Arboretum presents white dogwood,
3 jars with roots and a heart,
monument to the people
we’ve conveniently forgotten.

I hate you
armored heart,
caged heart.

I peeped your demons
becoming robots,
meeting with remarkable men,
being the light.

Behold an aquarium of flowers
where the cricket sings
how to properly touch a girl
so you don’t creep her out.

Then again, no.
Why I am so worried.

Fucked-up flowers
ruin everything,
pretty much every word. . .

Howie Good, 2016

Remixed Works:
Titles of artworks by Alma Thomas, Nam June Paik, Heman Chong,
Geoffrey Rigden, Matthew McCaslin, Andrew Hem, Seth Alter,
Douglas Gordon, Zeyno Pekünlü, Bill Scott,
Erika Ranee and Paola Pivi