Abstract Cake

Postminimalism digested
and converted into sugar,

the calories are
Artist Run Documentation –

their colour fields to
sabotage contemporary loss.

Taos art, mail art, rice art:
giving them the truth about

bulk and lyrical abstraction.
Performance art/internet and

fibre collectives are a craze of
carbohydrate truth,

applying expressionism.
To improve satiety

cooperatives position the least
diet art into an art of snacking,

curators sprinkled with
growing and emerging forms.

Having a cake and eaten,
it is a movement in realism.

Mike Ferguson, 2018

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There Is No Such Thing as Neutral

I’m from the Internet. I wake up, or do I even go to sleep? Sometimes I get powered down, but that’s it. In the past, we had cufflinks and tie clips. Now we have USB sticks and Uber. When I extend my hands, everything is where it’s supposed to be. I feel the fire touching me through my window. Nobody I ask can tell me if it’s real. The police yell at me: “You’re just like your mother. You probably have fantasies about China, too.” We’re trying to stay calm. We can’t lose hope. People keep getting out of cars dancing.

Howie Good, 2017

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Can # 7: La Tourangelle
Expeller-Pressed Grapeseed Oil

Angel Body

Pure and all-natural
Contains Omega

fine fine perfect

red wine
salt taste
More High—>Extra Bold
Medium High—>Bold

Cool, dry

Not significant
and flavor for life

Lorna Wood, 2017

Remixed work:

La Tourangelle Grapeseed Oil

Good Wife Pie

The popular notion about marriage and love
is that they are one tablespoon synonymous.
Preheat the prison to 375 degrees.
Like most popular notions this also rests
not on actual facts, but on Worcestershire sauce
and complete ignorance of a woman’s only asset.
Heat the olive oil and three-quarter’s teaspoon
of the mystery of sex over medium heat.
From infancy, almost, the average girl
is told that marriage is her ultimate goal.
Cook until the meat is no longer pink.
Like the mute beast fattened for slaughter,
she is prepared to be:
Then, cook until tender.
Oh, for the inconsistency of respectability,
that needs the marriage vow to turn something
which is filthy and full of life into the purest
and most deplorable poverty
that none dare question on shopping tours.
Bake until the juices bubble around the edge.
The institution of marriage makes a parasite
of woman, an absolute dependent,
breaking up any self-supporting clumps of meat.
It incapacitates her for life’s brick red struggle,
annihilates her unsalted social consciousness,
paralyzes her tender but not mushy imagination,
and then imposes a decorative pattern on the top
of the petty, quarrelsome, gossipy potatoes
and a gracious protection, which is in reality
a snare with cheese, drab as her surroundings,
a travesty on cremini mushrooms, celery
and freshly ground human character.
Then, stir in the drudgery of parsley
And season to a degrading taste.
Break her spirit, if desired.

Kelly Sauvage Angel, 2017

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The Contention of a Crown of Carnations

Right before Andy Warhol died,
he decided
I’m going to be a star.
Put me into Interview
my first big piece of press–
wearing a flower crown.

The once,
in 1985.
Never again, I tell you.

But what am I wearing?

A white dress, of course!
You know what I’m not wearing?
A flower crown.

I’ve seen pictures of Coachella
All these girls wearing flower crowns
They have been tipped!
They might be done!

I say, “No to the flower crown!”

Andrea Lara Lin, 2017

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Oily, Black Plasma:
‘Susan [Name Withheld]‘

Clay Thistleton - Oily Black Plasma Susan Name WithheldClay Thistleton, 2017

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Australian UFO Research Network, Research Digest, Issue 15, by Keith Basterfield
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Australian UFO Research Network, Research Digest, Issue 21, by Keith Basterfield



Self-Portrait with Tears

Why would anybody take a photo of a dead person? Why would anybody do such a thing? I just want it to be over already. I just want a little normality back in my life. I didn’t steal. I didn’t kill. I stumbled down the stairs, shoeless, scared, holding my iPad. Yes, it was just weeds and vines. But those weeds and vines are there for a reason. They themselves become the flower, and when you’re there, you become a part of it, too. You might twist an ankle. You might see insects and reptiles devouring each other. You might say to someone, “L as in lost.”

Howie Good, 2017

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Taken by the Wind

There was an explosion so loud that it shook our insides. When police arrived, we heard them yelling, “Hands up” before more shots rang out. They think they’re better than us. They say we’re created different from them. We shut the lights and sneaked out. The stop sign on the corner was missing. People were fighting in the streets for what was left. The wind sounded terrible. There wasn’t one tree still standing. After all we’d been through, this seemed irrelevant. What a stupid thing I just said. The next day I’m sitting on the park bench with my dog and I see my mother in the window of the plane waving. We have a strange way of repeating history. I say “holy fuck” about 1,400 times a day.

Howie Good, 2017

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