The Contention of a Crown of Carnations

Right before Andy Warhol died,
he decided
I’m going to be a star.
Put me into Interview
my first big piece of press–
wearing a flower crown.

The once,
in 1985.
Never again, I tell you.

But what am I wearing?

A white dress, of course!
You know what I’m not wearing?
A flower crown.

I’ve seen pictures of Coachella
All these girls wearing flower crowns
They have been tipped!
They might be done!

I say, “No to the flower crown!”

Andrea Lara Lin, 2017

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Oily, Black Plasma:
‘Susan [Name Withheld]‘

Clay Thistleton - Oily Black Plasma Susan Name WithheldClay Thistleton, 2017

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Australian UFO Research Network, Research Digest, Issue 15, by Keith Basterfield
“A Preliminary Catalogue of Australian and New Zealand Abduction and Potential Abduction Cases” in
Australian UFO Research Network, Research Digest, Issue 21, by Keith Basterfield



Self-Portrait with Tears

Why would anybody take a photo of a dead person? Why would anybody do such a thing? I just want it to be over already. I just want a little normality back in my life. I didn’t steal. I didn’t kill. I stumbled down the stairs, shoeless, scared, holding my iPad. Yes, it was just weeds and vines. But those weeds and vines are there for a reason. They themselves become the flower, and when you’re there, you become a part of it, too. You might twist an ankle. You might see insects and reptiles devouring each other. You might say to someone, “L as in lost.”

Howie Good, 2017

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Taken by the Wind

There was an explosion so loud that it shook our insides. When police arrived, we heard them yelling, “Hands up” before more shots rang out. They think they’re better than us. They say we’re created different from them. We shut the lights and sneaked out. The stop sign on the corner was missing. People were fighting in the streets for what was left. The wind sounded terrible. There wasn’t one tree still standing. After all we’d been through, this seemed irrelevant. What a stupid thing I just said. The next day I’m sitting on the park bench with my dog and I see my mother in the window of the plane waving. We have a strange way of repeating history. I say “holy fuck” about 1,400 times a day.

Howie Good, 2017

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Here are 10 reasons why you should get lean, bro:
1. Axe is toning down the bro and aiming to reflect “modern masculinity.”
2. The dad bod is worse than ebola. Bro Science #72: stop the dad bod.
3. Bro-dal showers are the next big thing in weddings.
4. Bro dieting is far superior when it comes to sheer volume of food.
5. I just put out a book called Dude, Bro.
6. Frank Riggs, the shirtless, iron-pumping, ‘roided-up Bro candidate running for governor in Arizona.
7. Slap on 30 lbs of Jacked MUSCLE!
8. Late-night bro fight shows.
9. Having a robot bro wouldn’t work. All natural, bro!
10. Bro wrestling.

Relax, bro. You need to make time for you.
All men should be doing bro-ga. Guys can (and should) be bendy too.
Women should embrace dick jokes as part of the bro-menclature.
If you haven’t already, where have you been?
Do you even language, bro?

Bro is an open-source network.
Bro-country is a plague.
Marco Rubio is secretly a bro.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is your bro.
Your sensitive goth friend is actually a bro in a costume.
The bro hug option appears only when you reach Good Friend status.

You should date a bro.
More than 385,000 men got Bro-tox in the U.S. last year.
There’s nothing new about bromances, at least historically.
We can now admit that bro-jobs are happening, and happening often;
the bro package did not stop the attraction

Asa Johnson, 2017

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Algorithmic approach:

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To Arms, a Farewell

In the late summer we saw
the leaves of the trees
falling in channels,
powdered blue and white.

We stirred, and the leaves too,
dry by the dusty house– they
looked that year of the troops
clear and bare afterward

in the sun and the water
and the rising dust. The leaves
were early that year and
the troops marching across

and down the road were a
river, and swiftly moving.
In the bed of the river there
lived pebbles and boulders

and leaves along the road
fell, and the trunks of soldiers
in the road, plain and white.
And in a village was the dust

marching to the mountains
raised by the breeze that went–
except for the house
and the trees and the..

Michael Galko, 2017

Remixed works:

A Farewell to Arms, by Ernest Hemingway


Who owns the moon is a complicated subject. My first instinct was, what the hell? Did a rock hit it or something? My only dream was how to reach the shore safely. I was toying with various things on the submarine. And these were all out in the middle of the countryside set off from each other by wild vegetation or ornate gardens. Lots was happening at the same time – the TV on, a record playing, the radio on. “Wow,” I thought, “work is a pretty taxing place for many people.” We suddenly became archaic remnants of the pre-digital age. That was the hardest moment. But I didn’t really realize the implications of it when I was a teenager. We’ll never be more than unwitting missionaries, doing magic tricks to dazzle the crowd.

Howie Good, 2017

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