A Double Cypher

Florence Foucault

The operation is a calligram. It
is a mark of ill-breeding to use
French phrases or words unless
they’re resting on a floor made safe
& visible by its own coarseness.

All this litter on the ground—
ask for an explanation. The
calligram has a triple role.
The vague uneasiness pro-
voked is a Cuban gentleman.

Severely censure the habit of
using sentences which admit
of a double meaning. We have
evidence of failure & its ironic
remains. Augment the alphabet.

Splintered wood, fragmented
shapes. Many men can converse
on no other subject than their
every day employment. Words
can no longer be reconstituted.

Mark Young, 2015

Remixed works:
This Is Not a Pipe, by Michel Foucault
The Ladies’ Book of Etiquette, by Florence Hartley